Important Message

We thank you for allowing us to be part of your financial journey.

Folio Investments, Inc. has discontinued its self-directed investment offering and made arrangements to transfer accounts to Interactive Brokers LLC, as described on this site and in emails to customers in December 2020.

Your account(s) were transferred to Interactive Brokers on January 14, 2021, unless you transferred them to another firm, opted out of the transfer, or your account could not be transferred to Interactive Brokers.

For accounts that are no longer on our platform, please note that any dividends and interest payments received by us and attributable to your account will be transferred to your new firm. You can continue to access the following documents by logging on to our site:

- Monthly account statements
- Trade confirmations
- Annual tax documents
- Tax information, such as realized gains and losses (closed tax lots) and .TXF tax software files

If you notified us that you would transfer or close your account(s), but have not done so by January 29, 2021, thereafter your account(s) will be restricted to sell transactions only and you will be charged the published account transfer fee of $100 per account when you transfer your account(s) to another firm. Your account(s) will also be subject to all other applicable fees after this date. You will not be permitted to maintain your accounts with us.

If your account(s) were transferred to Interactive Brokers and you have questions, please contact them at 1-877-442-2757 or visit

If you transferred your account(s) elsewhere, please contact your new firm directly with any inquiries.

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Commission-free trading

Trade Commission-Free

Enjoy virtually unlimited trading¹ in over 200 stocks and 3 ETFs for just $5/month. Paying per trade is so yesterday.

Fractional Shares

Access Stocks at Any Price

Buy fractional shares of the companies you know for as little as $25. Owning those expensive stocks has never been easier.

Diversified Portfolios

Get a Diversified Portfolio

Get started quickly with a free, pre-built diversified portfolio. Buy it or modify it to meet your needs with just a few clicks.

Easy to Use

FolioFirst is intuitive and full of rich features that make it easy to research, invest and track your progress.

  •    Research, buy and sell securities with just a few clicks
  •    Use our robust investor tools to track your performance and stay diversified

Join thousands of investors using FolioFirst to build their financial future.

I use FolioFirst as a cost effective and fun way to purchase stocks of companies I know. I also use it to teach my daughters about investing. At 10 & 13 years old, the new custodial accounts are a real positive. I noticed my daughter looking at past performance of stocks to determine if it would be a good buy for her. I think it’s a great service and I tell people about it all the time!
Kyle G.
I enjoy trading on the Folio First platform. As a somewhat beginner investor, Folio First has given me the opportunity to dabble in the stock market with very little restriction or confusion.
Veronica R.
I really like the platform. It allows little guys, like myself, to build a portfolio over time with fractional shares. I only wish I could have done this in my 20’s.
I would like to say I love FolioFirst and I am so grateful to have a way to invest in stocks I want with small investment amounts. You have a broad choice of stocks to be well diversified and it has been a wonderful experience to build my account. I simply can’t say enough good things about FolioFirst.
Julie P.

Transparent, Flat-Fee Pricing

Simple and affordable

No Minimum Account Balances

That's right. Invest as much as you want.

Multiple Account Types

Multiple Account Types

Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, joint accounts, and custodial accounts are all included and trade commission free.

FDIC and SIPC Protection

Added Safeguards

FDIC protection for cash in your account, as well as SIPC and supplemental insurance.

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Fractional Share Investing

Fractional shares give you the flexibility to purchase shares in the companies you know at a level you're comfortable with, regardless of their price.

Want to buy Amazon stock, but don’t want to spend over $1,800 for a single share? At FolioFirst, you have the flexibility to buy fractional shares of stocks with as little as $25. Invest at a level that fits your budget. You can’t do that at Fidelity, Schwab, or Robinhood.

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Commission-Free Trading

Put more of your money to work. Manage your investments without commissions and fees getting in the way.

Costs have consequences. The more you pay in fees and commissions, the less money you have to work for you. The value of those lost dollars adds up over time. At FolioFirst, you get virtually unlimited commission-free trading in multiple account types for just $5/month. Feel confident in your investment choices without having to worry about fees reducing your returns.

¹ For up to 2,000 security trades in windows per calendar month; fifty cent ($0.50) fee for each additional security trade in a window during that month.
² Other fees may apply.