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Pricing, Billing & Fees

How much does FolioFirst cost?

FolioFirst pricing is simple and straightforward – you receive all of our great brokerage features, including commission-free security trading (up to 2,000 trades per month in twice-daily trading windows), for one flat fee of just $5 per month. And that one fee covers as many accounts as you need – individual, joint and retirement (there is a separate $25 annual reporting fee for IRA accounts only).

Other fees may apply for special services. See details of additional fees here.

Does the $5 per month FolioFirst fee really allow me to trade commission-free (up to 2,000 trades) each month across multiple accounts – such as an individual account, a joint account and an IRA account with no per account fee (other than the annual reporting fee for IRA accounts)?


How is my monthly fee billed?

We will debit your monthly fee from your FolioFirst account. If there is no cash available in your account, we may create a debit in the account to be satisfied when cash is available. We may also sell shares in your account to satisfy a debit.

Do I need to maintain a minimum balance in my account?

No. There are no minimum balance requirements with FolioFirst.

Are there minimum investment amounts required for purchases and sales?

There is a $25 minimum trade per security. If you purchase 10 or more securities at once, the minimum drops to $5 per security. For sales, minimums are waived if you elect to “sell all” of your holding in a security.

Are there other account or service fees?

Service fees apply to account activities that are not a regular function of managing your money with us. Learn more about our special services and fees.

What are Trading Service Fees?

Trading Service Fees are fees to offset regulatory, transaction, and processing costs imposed on brokers relating to sell transactions in certain securities. The fees include the FINRA Trading Activity Fee (TAF) and other fees imposed by the NASDAQ trade reporting facility and DTCC, and are calculated for certain securities based on the sale proceeds and the number of shares sold.

Trading Service Fees are calculated using the following formula and are rounded to the nearest penny.

Trading Service Fees = [($0.000119 * shares sold in each trade) or $5.95, whichever is less] + [$0.0000184 * sale proceeds in each trade] + [($0.00002 * sale proceeds in each trade) or $5.00, whichever is less]

For example, if you sold 200 shares of a security for $5,000.00, the Trading Service Fees would be equal to $0.22. $0.22 = [($0.000119 * 200) + ($0.0000184 * $5,000.00) + ($0.00002 * $5,000.00)]

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